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Troubleshooting Orgasm Difficulties:

Surprising Facts, Challenges & Solutions for Better Climaxes

Struggling to achieve the big "O"? You're not alone in the quest for better orgasms. Many people, especially women, face challenges when it comes to reaching climax. In this post, we'll reveal some fascinating orgasm statistics, explore factors impacting orgasm experiences, and offer valuable tips and insights to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Sex Toys & Orgasms: Do They Mix?

Sex toys can be valuable allies in achieving orgasms. Our survey, conducted on our Instagram followers, showed that 59% of wives and 44% of husbands have reached orgasm using sex toys. But do they hinder your ability to orgasm naturally? The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Stay tuned for an in-depth series where we'll investigate this topic further.

Marriage & Orgasms: Before and After

Does your ability to achieve orgasm change once you're married? Our survey results showed that for women, 47% said it's about the same, 29% said it's harder, and 24% said it's easier. For men, 65% said it's about the same, 30% said it's less difficult, and 6% said it's more challenging.

Unlocking Orgasms: What Finally Worked?

Wondering what helped people finally achieve orgasm? Here's what survey respondents shared:

Wives reported:

61% said practicing mindfulness

58% said more foreplay

39% said discovering personal preferences and communicating with their husband

28% said using sex toys

14% said time and patience

8% said they still haven't experienced one

7.6% said hormone balance

2.4% said seeking counseling or sex therapy

Husbands reported:

47% said practicing mindfulness

37% said time and patience

34% said more foreplay

26% said discovering personal preferences and communicating with their partner

8.4% said using sex toys

3% said seeking counseling or sex therapy

1.5% said they still haven't experienced one

Mindfulness & Foreplay: Orgasm Boosters

It's no surprise that mindfulness topped the list, particularly for women. Being present and focused during sex can make a world of difference. Furthermore, don't underestimate the importance of foreplay—it's a vital part of the entire sexual experience!

Feeling Sexy & Stress Management: Keys to Orgasm Success

Feeling sexy and managing stress levels are critical factors in achieving orgasm. Make self-care and confidence a priority both in and out of the bedroom.

Pornography & Orgasms: The Impact

How does pornography affect orgasms? Our survey results revealed that 63% of wives and 92% of husbands have orgasmed while consuming pornography in any form (photo, video, written, etc). We also wanted to investigate if pornography consumption affected the ability to orgasm at all.

16% of wives said they felt that their pornography addiction did affect their ability to orgasm, while 19% of husbands said the same. To be completely honest, we're not quite sure how to feel about these numbers. Part of us thinks they should be higher, as pornography is known to desensitize the brain's ability to receive pleasure from another real person versus a screen. But when you think about it, almost 20% is a very high number—almost 1 in 5.

We're curious if any of these respondents have had treatment for their addiction, and if that might be why the numbers are lower than expected. It's worth noting that every individual's experience with pornography and orgasms will differ, and these survey results don't necessarily represent everyone's reality.


Navigating orgasms can be a complex journey, but understanding the influencing factors can help you and your spouse enhance your sexual experiences within marriage. Remember, communication is essential, and each person's experience is unique. Keep exploring, stay open-minded, and, most importantly, seek God's guidance and wisdom as you strengthen your connection with your spouse, honoring the gift of intimacy He has designed for you both! Embrace this beautiful aspect of your relationship and enjoy the journey together!

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