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About Us

We're Alana, Kyle, & Tiera! Friends who have a heart for intimacy and long to uncover God's truth and design for sexual freedom within marriage. 

We're so excited to get to know you better, but in the mean time here's a bit about us and how this beautiful ministry got started!

Our Story

This ministry was birthed out of an undeniable calling from God. To start out, Alana & Paris were led individually by the Holy Spirit into this ministry, but neither of them had any idea what that looked like until God merged their paths. It was very clear that God’s design of intimacy was to be the topic of this passion project, as God had awakened within each of them such a passion on the subject. They fervently started pursuing Godly, sacred intimacy within their own marriages, and empowered close friends to do the same. Such an anointing took place during that time. The need for a ministry devoted to empowering couples towards redeeming and reclaiming sexuality within marriages became exceedingly clear. God spoke, we answered the calling, and the quote “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called” hit us like a freight train. So we put our hand to the plow and refused to look back. Because who knows, that we were made for such a time as this.

How has the KS Team formed and changed? In 2021 Rusti join the team and helped out when Alana and Paris had a lot of personal stuff going on. She was a beautiful fit, brought so much to the team, and assisted in carrying KS when the team was spread thin. After a number of months she came to realize that she was giving so much of herself to the podcast and needed to be pouring more time and energy into her family, so she took a permanent step back to do so. Then in 2022 when Alana & Paris decided to commit a day of the week to be "for the men" we got a message from Kyle! He shared his heart for this ministry and asked if the Kingdom Sexuality team could use a male's perspective! Which exactly what they were hoping would happen! Then in the fall of 2022 Paris realized she just had a bit too much on her plate and was unable to continue on with the podcast. 

Alana and Kyle then took over the torch of KS ministry until early 2023 when they added another member, Tiera! The three of them are now running full steam ahead, excited to see what God has coming next!

Meet The Podcasters

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