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Navigating Intimacy with Kids Around

A Lighthearted Guide for Parents

Hey there, super-parents! Balancing the thrills of parenthood with maintaining the flame of romance isn’t easy. But fear not! We’ve got your back. Dive in for some practical, fun-filled tips to navigate intimacy while co-parenting, because let's face it, "parent-sexy" is a whole new kind of sexy.

1. Touched Out? Here's a Refresher! It's natural to feel "touched out" after a day of catering to your little ones. Remember, it's okay to communicate your need for space with your partner and find non-physical ways to connect until you're ready. And pick a time in the future as your physical connecting time so you can mentally be there when the time comes.

2. Co-Sleeping & Intimacy: Can They Co-exist? Yes, they can! The key is creativity! Maybe it's time for a quiet couch cuddle or exploring other rooms in the house. Embrace the adventure of finding new spots.

3. Kids in the Room: The Eternal Question It's a tricky one. It's essential to ensure your child's emotional safety first. If you're unsure, perhaps it's time to get creative with space (more on that below)!

4. Too Exhausted to Feel Romantic? Listen, exhaustion is real. Maybe swap out the idea of a physical connection for some shared laughter or a sweet conversation. Recharge, and you'll be back in the game soon.

A great way to add the extra connection without thinking of the activity is to join our Unite & Ignite Club where we give you daily connection ideas!

5. Surprise Little Visitors? Ah, the classic kid-walk-in moment. Stay calm, use humor, and maybe consider investing in a lock.

6. Intimacy Frequency: How Often? Your schedule, your rules. Whether it's every day, once a week, or whenever the mood strikes - find what works for you two amidst the parenting chaos. Make sure you communicate your expectations together though so that you're on the same page!

7. Day-Time Initiatives Romance isn't restricted to night. Try leaving flirty notes in lunch boxes or a surprise mid-day call. Or how about a cheeky wink across the room? You can try using the app Intimately Us for great ideas and notification reminders!

8. Spontaneity is Still on the Menu! Remember those "quickies" or unexpected moments of connection? They might just become your best friend.

9. Beyond the Physical: Non-Sexual Intimacy Ideas Enjoy a mutual hobby, share a book, or how about making a dessert together after kids are in bed? Intimacy comes in many flavours.

10. Embrace That Parent-Body! We joke about having a "dad bod" and getting rid of that "baby weight" but we can't forget to live in the moment with what we currently are. Be kind to one another and be sure to point out physical attributes that you love and are attracted to in your spouse to help build up that confidence again!

11. PDA & Kids: Finding the Balance A peck here, a cuddle there is great. It's healthy for kids to see affection. Just be mindful and ensure they also understand boundaries.

BONUS: Practical Sparks to Ignite the Flame

  • Scheduled Date Nights: Doesn't have to be fancy! An at-home movie night can do wonders. Our friends at Dating Divas are experts in this area!

  • Daytime Flirting: A surprise emoji-laden text? Yes, please.

  • Shared Hobbies: Cooking together can be... hot.

  • Daily Rituals: Coffee in the morning, a chat at night. Find your thing.

  • Tech to the Rescue: Explore couple apps or toys for some modern-day fun.

  • Quiet Time Together: Sometimes, silence speaks volumes.

  • Little Surprises: Keep the spark alive with unexpected gestures.

  • Get Fit Together: Find a new activity you both love and make a goal to meet.

  • Creative Spaces: Maybe that car date isn’t a bad idea after all!

Conclusion: Juggling diapers, work, sleepless nights, and romance might seem daunting, but with a sprinkle of creativity and loads of understanding, you can still keep the embers of romance glowing. So go ahead, redefine what "parent-sexy" means for you!

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