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Kyle & Alana Aren't Married to Each Other?!

This is one of the most common questions we get asked on a regular basis.

No, we're not married to each other.

Alana is married to her husband Jeff and Kyle is married to his wife Samantha.

Alana, her husband Jeff, and their 2 boys Kyle, his wife Samantha, and their 4 boys

Isn't It Weird To Talk About Sex With Someone of the Opposite Sex That You're Not Married To?

We don't think so, but we understand why you might think that. We didn't plan for this to be the case. Initially, Alana started the ministry with her friend Paris. Then in 2021, Rusti joined the team. Unfortunately, Rusti and Paris both took permanent leaves from the ministry for personal reasons in 2022. In the summer of 2022, we realized we needed to be serving the 1/3 of our followers who are men by dedicating a day of the week to them, Thursdays. Kyle happened to reach out at this time and he joined the team shortly after in the summer of 2022. After Paris left that fall, it became just Kyle & Alana.

So, it might be weird to you, but it definitely wasn't the plan from the start and we don't plan on it being this way forever. But for now, it gives the podcast a unique edge as you get to hear the husband's and wife's perspectives from two different marriages.

How Do You Protect Your Own Marriages?

Great question, glad you asked :)

First off, we don't live in the same city. In fact, we're about a 3+ hour drive away from each other. So, that's a literal geographical boundary that we have. In fact, we've only actually met in person once, that's where this photo came from.

Secondly, we are both very open with our spouses about our involvement in this ministry. Our spouses have full access to everything we say, text, etc to each other. Plus, we never say anything to each other that we wouldn't say in front of our spouse. In fact, our spouses are usually around when we're recording the podcast. And both of our spouses have small roles within the ministry as well. Kyle's wife Samantha helps a little bit with social media and Alana's husband Jeff helps with some of the finances.

Lastly, we have boundaries in place if the time ever comes that we do travel away from home as part of the ministry. We obviously will never share a room, travel alone together, or put ourselves in any potentially compromising situation while away from home.

Hopefully that answers your question. If you want to hear more about this, we open up episode 109 of the podcast talking about it.

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