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Exploring The World Of Orgasms

A Fun and Informative Guide to Pleasure for Men and Women

Ah, the orgasm! It's a rollercoaster of pleasure, and as diverse as the people experiencing them. While some might describe orgasms as "orgasmic" (no surprises there), let's delve deeper into the world of these delightful sensations and see what everyone's talking about.

The Many Faces of Orgasms

Emily Nagoski, in her book "Come As You Are," explains that orgasms feel different to everyone, and can even vary for the same person depending on factors like stimulation mode, presence of a partner, and menstrual cycle stage. But one thing most people agree on is that orgasms feel like a sudden, involuntary release of sexual tension.

When we asked our Instagram followers to describe orgasms, we got a fascinating array of responses from both men and women. Some likened the sensation to "waves of muscles contracting/releasing" or an "electric shock," while others described it as a "full body tingle" or an "overwhelming explosion of pleasure."

Types of Orgasms

Understanding the different types of orgasms can help us appreciate our bodies more and communicate our preferences with our partners. Let's explore some of the various kinds:

For Women:

Clitoral Orgasm: Known for its intense, clearly defined sensations, this orgasm is often accompanied by pulsing in the pelvic floor muscles, vagina, or sometimes the uterus. It's typically the easiest to learn through manual or oral stimulation.

G-Spot Orgasm: Described as a full-body orgasm with less defined pleasure, this type involves a "pushing out" sensation during climax. The G-Spot is located on the front wall of the vagina but has yet to be scientifically proven.

Deep Spot Orgasm (A-Spot): Similar to the G-Spot orgasm, this lesser-known type offers rapid, full-body pleasure. It's located deep inside the vagina, near the cervix. However, scientists have not been able to prove or disprove its existence.

*If you’re looking for a good Christian guide and resource on these different orgasms, the book Awaken Love by Ruth Buezis is excellent!

For Men:

While ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing, men usually associate the feeling of orgasm with intense pleasure, relaxation, and connection during sexual climax.

Orgasms: Expectations vs. Reality

In a survey we conducted, 95% of wives and 99.6% of husbands reported having had an orgasm in their lives. However, a study by the International Academy of Sex Research found that men experienced regular orgasms 95% of the time, while women only had them 65% of the time.

Interestingly, our survey also revealed that 66% of women and 95% of men assumed orgasms would be easy to achieve. When we asked husbands if they thought it would be easy for their wives to achieve orgasms, only 53% said yes.

The Need for Better Conversations Around Orgasms

Sadly, over 90% of the survey participants reported not being told anything about orgasms prior to marriage. This highlights the importance of discussing sex and orgasms with our kids, normalizing the topic, and breaking the taboo.

Our survey showed that men received more positive messages about orgasms than women, and were more aware of the effort required to achieve them. However, women's responses revealed little mention of working together as a couple to make orgasms happen.


Orgasms are a beautiful and complex aspect of our sexuality, and understanding them can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying intimate life. Let's keep the conversation going, learn more about our bodies and preferences, and work together with our partners to make orgasms a shared and enjoyable experience!

As we explore and celebrate our intimate lives, let's also remember to lift up our relationships and sexuality to God. By seeking His guidance and wisdom, we can nurture a deeper connection with our partners that transcends the physical and fosters a loving, spiritual bond.

So, go ahead and dive into the world of orgasms, keeping in mind the importance of communication, understanding, and embracing the divine gift of intimacy.

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