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In the second part of our 'Starting Life Together Bundle', we crafted this Wedding Night Guide to ensure that your first days as a married couple are as special and stress-free as possible!


What’s Inside?

This guide extends over 65+ pages, equipped with everything you want to know for your first night. We provide you with a full anatomy lesson, including erogenous zones. We’ve also added a condom guide along with answers to every type of troubleshooting question you may have. We don’t leave anything unmentioned in this guide! We wrap up with a selection of resources and connect questions.


This isn’t just any honeymoon guide. It’s a lovingly designed toolkit to deepen your connection, enhance your intimate experiences, and prepare you both for the beautiful life God has brought you together for!



Should we purchase this and read it before our wedding night?

Yes! We would recommend reading it about a week or so before your wedding night.



Can I purchase this for someone else?

Yes! Once the email with the link has been sent to you, you can forward it on to whoever you are gifting it to.



Is this a Faith-Based resource?

Yes! God designed intimacy and marriage and so He is included in our guides. In fact, each of our guides (Engagement, Wedding, and Newlywed) ends with a prayer for you from us.



I'd love these resources to be available at my church, how could I help make that happen?

We'd love to be able to be a resource for churches! Have your leadership contact us.

The Ultimate Wedding Night Guide

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