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In the first part of our 'Starting Life Together Bundle', we created this Engagement Guide as a toolbox to help engaged couples get through all the important information and cover all the right questions before their big day.


What’s Inside?

You’ll find a 50+ page guide that will give you tools to help you both understand your communication styles, how to set expectations, how to navigate family history and boundaries, tips and advice during wedding planning and even an entire birth control guide so you can plan ahead for every area of your life together! We end the guide with connection questions to really bring you together during this unique time of your life.


This isn’t just any engagement guide. It’s a heartfelt roadmap designed to enrich your relationship, align your expectations, and prepare you both for a marriage as joyful as your wedding day!



Is this guide a replacement for premarital counseling?

No. We still highly recommend doing premarital counseling. However, this guide can make a wonderful companion to premarital counseling and/or if you don’t have access to premarital counseling this will be a good resource for you



Can I purchase this for someone else?

Yes! Once the email with the link has been sent to you, you can forward it on to whoever you are gifting it to.



Is this a Faith-Based resource?

Yes! God designed intimacy and marriage and so He is included in our guides. In fact, each of our guides (Engagement, Wedding, and Newlywed) ends with a prayer for you from us.



I'd love these resources to be available at my church, how could I help make that happen?

We'd love to be able to be a resource for churches! Have your leadership contact us.

The Ultimate Engagement Guide

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