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Introducing our beautifully crafted handmade KS pottery mug. Made by a skilled potter, each mug is unique in design and texture. With its elegant curves and charming details, this mug is not only a functional addition to your morning routine, but also a meaningful symbol of your commitment to your marriage. With each sip of your favorite hot beverage, let this mug serve as a gentle reminder to prioritize your relationship, communicate with love and kindness, and always cherish the bond you share.

This isn’t a dainty little mug either, it’s a full 20 oz mug - enough to hold a venti - with a large handle for easy carrying. Since all mugs are handmade, the volume they hold may vary slightly.

Get yours today and elevate your morning ritual to a meaningful moment of connection and reflection!


Each mug holds about 20 oz, the same as a venti from Starbucks.

**please note that stock is very limited right now**

**if you are from outside the USA or Canada please contact us to place an order**

KS Pottery Mug

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