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Splish Splash: The Surprising Truth About Shower Sex

Your Guide to the Steamy, Slippery, Sensual World of Shower Sex

Get ready to dive in and get wet and wild as we turn the temperature up and tackle a divisive topic. We're venturing into the steamy world of shower sex today!

The Divided Opinions: Love or Hate?

Love it, hate it or mystified by it, our recent podcast episode brought up some seriously sizzling facts. We took a deep dive into your thoughts, feelings and experiences about shower sex. As with anything, results may vary, but let's get soapy and see what we found!

Instagram Insights: Shower Sex Frequency

A hot topic among our Instagram followers brought some steamy insights. Interestingly, 57% of you love a good shower romp, while the remaining 43% aren't as keen. Different strokes for different folks, quite literally! But, let's ask an even juicier question - how often are you lathering up with your partner? It appears 6% of you are turning up the heat on a weekly basis. For 30%, it's a monthly affair, and 66% save this special rendezvous for at least once a year.

The Science of Shower Sex: Heart Rates and Steam

Our love for statistics doesn't stop here. We stumbled upon a fascinating study that tracked participants' heart rate after engaging in shower sex. A whopping 73% spike was observed, as compared to traditional settings. The secret ingredient? Steaminess! Yes, you heard it right, the literal and metaphorical steam of shower sex makes the experience hotter (pun intended).

Lubrication and Shower Sex: Choose Wisely!

Now, let's clear up some common shower misconceptions. Shower sex enthusiasts, water IS NOT LUBE. Ditch your water-based lube as it's simply washed away. Opt instead for an oil-based lube that can withstand the wet conditions (this brand is our favorite). And yes, as exciting as it can be, water itself isn't a great lubricant. So, don't forget your trusty tube next time you're stepping into the shower!

Fan Favorites: Shower Sex Positions

Next up, your favorite positions! According to our followers, doggy, standing and oral top the list. A steamy shower scene opens up a world of possibilities.

Pros and Cons of Shower Sex

What makes shower sex exciting? It spices up the routine, allows for discretion, and allows the innovative among us to utilize the showerhead or a comfy seat in a bigger shower. Moreover, shower sex has a few unsung benefits. It's great during periods, no clean up is necessary, and it's a time-saver - you're multitasking like a pro!

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Shower sex can get tricky due to height differences (refer to podcast episode 103 for our tips on this), the unpredictability of water, potential slips, and temperature mismatches. A hot tip for dual showerheads: Stand perpendicular to the water to ensure both of you stay warm.

Prep Talk: Setting the Stage for Shower Sex

Prepping for shower sex can ensure a more enjoyable experience. A clean shower, a decluttered space (goodbye shampoo, razors, and soap), having condoms and the right lube nearby, and a non-slip mat are all things that can enhance the experience.

So there you have it! The steamy, wet, slippery truth about shower sex. Whether you're a fan or not, there's no denying that it adds a little extra excitement to your routine. Ready to try it out or maybe revisit it? Either way, remember to stay safe, have fun, and keep it steamy!

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