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Is There a 6th Love Language?

Understanding the Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman's book, "The Five Love Languages," has transformed relationship conversations, teaching us that we each have unique ways to receive and express love—Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, and Receiving Gifts. These love languages are foundational in understanding the dynamics of love in marriages.

Exploring the 6th Love Language: Feeling Known

Recently, we discovered a new concept: the 6th love language—Feeling Known. This love language revolves around the premise that one's love cup fills to the brim when their partner truly understands who they are, remembering and valuing the tiny details about them.

Illustrating the 6th Love Language: Practical Examples

Picture this: You're on a flight with your spouse. They offer you the window seat because they know your love for the stunning views of sunrise and sunset. This act of love—stemming from them remembering a small detail and adjusting their plans for your happiness—represents the 6th love language, Feeling Known.

Diverse Reactions to the 6th Love Language

This potential 6th love language has sparked varying responses. While some individuals deeply resonate with Feeling Known, others argue it might be a composite of the five established love languages—specifically a combination of Acts of Service and Gifts.

The 6th Love Language in the Context of Marriages

In marriage, we see a beautiful model of this "Feeling Known" love language in the relationship between Christ and the Church. Christ knows us, loves us, and remembers every detail about us (Luke 12:7). His self-sacrificial love rearranges heavenly plans for our joy. When we take the time to know our partners intimately, remember their preferences, and accommodate them in our plans, we reflect Christ's love in our marriages.

Is Feeling Known a Unique Love Language?

What sets Feeling Known apart isn't merely the action of love, but the motive and understanding behind it. It's the depth of understanding and recognition that makes Feeling Known a potentially unique love language.

Implications of the 6th Love Language for Marriages

Regardless of whether Feeling Known is a standalone love language or an amalgamation of the existing five, it reinforces the need for spouses to intentionally study each other's desires and preferences.

Conclusion: Mastering Love Languages in Marriages

In nurturing marriages, we should strive to love our spouses in ways that make them feel most loved and known. Whether it's through Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, or the potentially profound 6th love language—Feeling Known, the essence of love is understanding, respect, and reflecting the agape love of Christ.

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