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Igniting Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage

When we think of intimacy in marriage, often our minds navigate towards physical or emotional closeness. But let's stroll into a less explored but deeply significant arena today: Spiritual Intimacy. It's the unseen glue that melds souls, creating a union that reflects the essence of true marital health.

Understanding Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual intimacy isn’t just a mutual acknowledgment of beliefs. It's about entwining those beliefs within the core of your marital existence. Despite both partners identifying as Christians, do we always live out a Christ-Centered marriage? It’s worth a ponder. Spiritual intimacy is when a couple surrenders their relationship to God, seeking His guidance in all aspects and establishing their marriage on His precepts. When your individual relationships with God (vertical) are nurtured, the union between you (horizontal) naturally follows suit, blossoming into a deeply-rooted, spiritually intimate relationship.

Roadblocks and Reroutes

There's an air of commonality in the roadblocks hindering spiritual growth in marriage: lack of time, lifestyle pace, and navigating through parenting and careers. The whispers of “I don’t have time for spiritual things” or “God must be disappointed in me” subtly sidetrack us from developing spiritual intimacy.

Yet, it's through these hurdles that the necessity for spiritual growth, both individually and as a couple, carves its importance. Cultivating spiritual intimacy requires discipline and deliberate actions. It doesn't spontaneously bloom but germinates through our daily actions and intentions, welcoming God into our routines and life.

Simple Steps Towards Spiritual Intimacy

1. Make Time: Your relationship with God and your spouse deserves priority. Allocate time for prayer, both individual and collective.

2. Incorporate God into Daily Life: Engage in conversations about God’s role in your life and decisions. Acknowledge His guidance in your shared experiences.

3. Bible Study Together: Exploring the scriptures together enhances understanding and provides a platform for spiritual discussions, fostering growth together.

4. Pray for and with Each Other: There’s an unmatched beauty in laying down your vulnerabilities and hopes before God, together as one unit. We have a great set of eBooks that are a great place to start: Prayers for Your Wife and Prayers for Your Husband.

5. Engage in a Spiritual Community: Participate together in activities that fuel your spiritual growth, like church, group studies, or charitable activities.

6. Nourish Your Individual Spiritual Lives: Your collective spiritual life blooms when your individual connections with God are thriving.

This November (2023), our Unite & Ignite Club will be focusing on Spiritual Intimacy. Click here to get on the waitlist!

Remember, as you navigate through the challenges and joys of marriage, intertwining your spiritual lives enhances every aspect of your relationship, establishing a robust, unshakeable foundation.

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