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If you’re anything like us, you know how HARD it is to find godly, modest, & reputable websites to buy all the sexy things from.

WELL, look no further.

We have what you're looking for ...and yes, because we LOVE you, there are some fun Kingdom Sexuality discount codes for you to save $$$ on these websites!

This is an incredible Christian resource for some of our faves! Here you’ll find clean printable sex position decks, the infamous MELT Massage Course, modestly advertised lingerie, toys, lubes, & so much more!


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Want model-free, modestly advertised, STUNNING, affordable lingerie? We heard your cry, & this incredible company answered the call!

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Looking for another nudity-free lingerie option that has pretty lingerie and more? Check out this Christian-based company!!

Use the codes on their website for the best deals!

Organic, cruelty-free, non-toxic lubricant - the best!
Use our code KINGDOMSEXUALITY for 15% off!

Covenant Eyes
The BEST software to monitor your online activity and keep you accountable
Use our code KS30 to get your first 30 days FREE!

Faithful Counseling
Christian online counseling for any situation. Licensed counselors available in all states to be there for you no matter what it is.
Use our code KINGDOMSEXUALITYMINISTRY for 10% off your first month!

GLYDE Condoms
Ethical, vegan, non-toxic, fair trade condoms.

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